Camp Tuffit   Est.1917


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$62.00 each per night*
$372.00 each per week
$5.00 per dog per night

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There is a $4.00 per person per night charge for exceeding normal cabin occupancy (2 people for each bed), except for children under 6 years of age.

*2 night minimum
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Named quiet literally after the sentiment Camp Tuffit embodies, We Ask You In! Each 2 bed cabin welcomes you in to kick of your shoes, put up your heals and bask in the glory of Camp Tuffitʼs clean air and family fun. Wood burning stove and eat in kitchens are appointed with everything you will need to cook up the catch of the day, sans water. Just a few steps away are water facilities and bathrooms. Possibly one of the favorite features of North and South Weaskuin is the large lawn area ideal for family picnics and BBQʼs.

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