Camp Tuffit   Est.1917


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$135.00 per night*
$810.00 per week
$5.00 per dog per night

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There is a $4.00 per person per night charge for exceeding normal cabin occupancy (2 people for each bed), except for children under 6 years of age.

*2 night minimum
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Three words best describe Camp Tuffitʼs diamond cabin, front row center.  Weepah, named after a mining town in Nevada that Charlie passed through on his way to Montana, has a fully modern eat in kitchen and bathroom. Entertainment and relaxation are the catch words best describing Weepahʼs amenities. Weepah sleeps 4 couples in separate rooms and includes a large eat in kitchen and regulation sized billiards table. Just steps outside Weepahʼs front door is Camp Tuffitʼs famous bonfire area, complete with the same piano Charlie Thomas brought with him and his family in the early 1900ʼs. On occasion the Thomas piano will fill Campʼs main area with jazz rags and Camp favorites. Weepahʼs backyard optimizes privacy with large yard and picnic area, for those who would rather enjoy the sounds of Lake Mary Ronan over the daily fish tales told around the bonfire.

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