Camp Tuffit   Est.1917

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The camp store can provide nearly any supply you may have forgotten. The store offers a wide variety of items for your convenience including (but not limited to): candy, pop, beer, wine, meat, bread, milk, butter, eggs, ice, canned goods, orange juice and laundry soap. Located just across from the camp bonfire, the store also stocks everything needed to make S'mores!
Camp boats can be rented from the store, and gasoline is available as well. 14' Lund rowboats are offered at $24 per day or $144 per week and one with a motor will cost you $48 per day or $288 per week. The store also carries fishing tackle and licenses to complete your supplies.

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Rowboat Rentals
$24.00 per day
$144.00 per week


$48.00 per day
$288.00 per week

Prices do not
include fuel


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